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Although InSPIRe is an open access resource, there are times when authors and creators may choose to restrict access to the full text of their work. Possible reasons include the following.

  • Lack of copyright. Sometimes scholars who have published their work in journals have inadvertently given rights to their work over to publishers. Although these scholars have labored to conduct and publish their research, they are now in the position of having to ask their publishers for permission to post their research elsewhere.
  • Plagiarism concerns. Choosing to make your work open access can mean making it easier for others to plagiarize from you. Others may do this intentionally or may not realize that when they take your thoughts and ideas, they need to properly acknowledge this in their citations.
  • Security. When your research includes sensitive information not readily available to the public, restricting full-text access may be necessary.
  • Competitive advantage. There may be professional, financial, or other reasons why it could be advantageous to restrict access to one's research.  

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