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The answer depends on a few things.

If you personally visit and borrow materials from a Link+ Visiting Patron Program library, the number of items you can borrow will vary from library to library. Since each library sets their own limits, contact a library beforehand to see what that limit is.

However, the number of items you can borrow collectively from Link+ libraries whether through Link+ or the Link+ Visiting Patron Program depends on your affiliation with the University. Current students may borrow no more than 25 items at a time; Proudian students and employees may borrow up to 200 items at a time. Note that borrowing limits refer to items borrowed from the Armacost Library AND Link+ libraries.



If StudentA borrows 24 items from the Armacost Library, StudentA may borrow only one more item whether from Armacost Library or a Link+ library.

If StudentB borrows 10 items from the Armacost Library, StudentB may borrow up to 15 items from Armacost Library or Link+ libraries.

If ProudianC drives to Occidental College and borrows 2 items and drives to Cal Poly Pomona and borrows 2 more items, ProudianC can return to the University and borrow 196 items from Armacost Library.

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