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When you share your work in InSPIRe, you enable people to download your work. When you select a Creative Commons license, you provide instructions on what can and can't be done with the downloaded work. While all CC licenses credit creators for their work, additional options are offered. Answer the questions below to find a license suited to your needs. Consult with a librarian about your questions.

Answering Yes to both questions below (without any added stipulations) is generally recommended by Armacost Library because it makes things as easy as possible for people to re-use your work. This includes teachers who wish to easily share your work with their students.


1. Do you want to enable others to make derivatives of your work? That is, works derived from your work. Examples include translations, musical arrangements, movie adaptations, dramatizations, fictionalizations, revised editions, artistic adaptations, abridgments, and sequels of preexisting works

Yes      No      Yes, but only if they apply the same CC license to the derivative.


2. Do you want to enable others to profit off your work or derivatives of your work? Understand that choosing No may significantly impact people's ability from sharing your work on commercial sites (e.g.,

Yes      No





Note: Creative Commons licenses are irrevocable. This means that if in the future you stop distributing your work or apply a different Creative Commons license to your work, previously distributed copies of your work will still be under their original Creative Commons license.

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