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While there are several reasons why InSPIRe is valuable, the following is probably most useful to students, parents, faculty as educators, and faculty as scholars.

At the University of Redlands, one of our goals is to introduce students to scholarly communication. For the most part, that means students find, read, analyze, and discuss the scholarly works of others. Through InSPIRe, students have the opportunity to give back as novices in their disciplines by publishing their research as student scholars. This creates an authentic, real world learning experience where students -- when faced with decisions about their rights and responsibilities as authors and creators -- consider economic, legal, and ethical aspects of information from a completely different position than to what they're accustomed in the classroom. 

And although it comes as no surprise to know that the wealthy have more, better, and quicker access to information than those who are poor, it can be useful to understand how InSPIRe helps to advantage the disadvantaged. As both experienced and emerging scholars, it's useful to think about ways we can support equitable access to information. Choosing to make your work open access through InSPIRe means that you're publishing your research such that anyone with internet access can find and read your research regardless of their ability to pay. Students and faculty alike have all experienced the "pay wall" where you search for information, click on a link to view the full text, and are asked to pay a steep price to buy or rent access to an article. InSPIRe seeks to remove such barriers to information and even make its contents discoverable through Google, Google Scholar, and other major search engines.  

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